The Science To Getting Hundreds Of Likes & Comments On Your LinkedIn Posts

Our founder Alex Pirouz has a  buy linkedin connections   pal who’s a large influencer on Instagram. He’s got lots of followers and receives a tonne of traction on his posts.

They often trap up for lunch to talk business. Although his area of interest is in fitness and fitness, our founder usually locate it exciting to peer the variations in advertising techniques on different social media systems.

Even even though Alex is a LinkedIn guy, he holds not anything against him 😉. So they were given speaking approximately some of the strategies he has done to growth his engagement and follower base recently.

One of the strategies that absolutely stood out turned into what he referred to as an ‘Instagram Engagement POD’. Basically the way this works is that there are a number of humans in a group (with a decent following) who like, comment and proportion every others posts. This receives him greater attain to his fans, will increase his perspectives throughout his followers networks and therefore expands his Instagram network with hundreds of recent humans engaging with him each day.


An thrilling strategy Alex notion…. But he wasn’t convinced this will paintings for LinkedIn.

So that afternoon whilst he got again to the office he reached out to three humans in his community who had a huge following and organised a LinkedIn engagement POD. He wanted to see if we should emulate the success his friend became having on Instagram on LinkedIn.

After some weeks of testing and lots of posts our founder began seeing a dramatic increase in his reach and engagement. Pretty an awful lot each put up he positioned up changed into averaging around 30,000 perspectives and attaining almost all his fans. Not to say the boom in followers, boom in leads as well as the partnership and media possibilities that have been presented.

In only some months his posts had reached over 6.5 million views, all of which were attributed to this new observed method. As standard while we research something that’s labored for us we like to share that studies and people locating with our enthusiasts so you can also boom your attain and following on LinkedIn.

Therefore in this text I’m going to share with you what exactly a LinkedIn engagement POD is, why they’re essential and the steps you want to take to set up your very personal. With that said, let’s get straight into it.

What is a LinkedIn Engagement POD?
At a completely fundamental degree a POD is essentially a group of LinkedIn users, who all comply with interact with each other’s posts. Every time you post on LinkedIn, you honestly proportion a hyperlink in your post inside the organization and ask participants to like, comment and share it as quick as viable. We endorse doing it in the Messenger characteristic of LinkedIn as proven underneath – don’t worry an excessive amount of about this for now as we’re going to dive deep into how to set this up later inside the article.

Why are they so important?
When you put up a standing replace on LinkedIn it goes thru four degrees of processing, the level of engagement you get within those tiers will decide your general reach. First and essential LinkedIn will type through the textual content, image, and or video you’ve shared in your put up.

It then categorises the publish into one among three buckets: SPAM, LOW QUALITY or CLEAR. The intention in degree one is to attain the ‘Clear’ category. Once your post is cleared, LinkedIn will then send it to a small, random section of your connections and fans to predict how properly it’s going to rating.

This is why it’s essential which you have a network of targeted contacts, otherwise your content can be untargeted and beside the point to that target audience, so that it will in the long run affect your rating. Based on the variety of likes, remarks and shares you acquire in your post within the first hour, LinkedIn will then decide the recognition of your publish.


A like is really worth one factor, comments are worth two factors, and a proportion is well worth 3 factors. The lower your general score, the much less reach and vice versa.

If your put up continues to get likes, feedback and or stocks submit stage three, it will likely be despatched to LinkedIn headquarters for evaluation. The editors will then surface your submit in 2nd and third-degree feeds, at which point you’ll be officially “trending”.

Some vital matters to observe about those tiers is that LinkedIn is trying to get people to stay within their newsfeed so setting up posts with external hyperlinks will harm your probabilities of your posts getting reach. To learn how to write engaging and treasured posts, test out this article we’ve written.

Setting up your own Linke

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